Council approves lease for towers



ROSWELL, Ga. — The Roswell City Council approved in a 4 to 1 vote the five-year lease agreements between the city and the North Fulton Regional Radio System Authority (NFRRSA) for two radio towers off Fouts and Hembree roads.

On Dec. 9, Councilmember David Davidson said the rent will be $2,500 per month, with an annual inflator of 2 percent or CPI up to 4 percent, whichever is greater. Co-location costs are at $500 per month, and the city has the right to approval of all co-locations at both sites.

The Fouts Road tower can only be a maximum height of 350 feet, and the Hembree Road tower can max out at 400 feet.

Controversy has surrounded the towers since the debate’s inception, and it continued during this meeting.

Councilmember Rich Dippolito had a list of questions that concerned clause phrasing, and Mayor Jere Wood hesitated to approve too many changes.

“I just don’t want this thing to fall apart, and I do feel there is potential for it to fall apart over minor issues,” Wood said.

There was a need to clarify the subletting and assignment clause, because, as Councilmember Becky Wynn pointed out, the city pledged to the Twelvestones community that the landlord would have sole and absolute discretion.

Wynn motioned to accept the agreement with changes to the assignment and subletting clauses, and Councilmember Nancy Diamond seconded it.

Member Kent Igleheart opposed, while Betty Price abstained and Jerry Orlans was absent.

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