Cottage School’s ‘Glitter’ gala raises over $75K



ROSWELL, Ga. – Guests at the Cottage School’s “Glitter: An Evening with the Arts” March 22 enjoyed an evening of live and silent auction items and theatrical performances, all while raising more than $75,000 for the school.

Proceeds from Glitter go toward the school’s tuition assistance fund for the more than 40 percent of the families at the school on financial aid.

“The success of Glitter truly makes a difference in the lives of students at the Cottage School,” said Jacque Digieso, The Cottage School executive director. “We work so hard to build and maintain successful partnerships with the Roswell community, and the success of this event only goes to show how fruitful that has been.”

The Cottage School’s history of success repeatedly demonstrates that students who come to the school disillusioned or discouraged–some to the point of “giving up” on education–flourish in the school’s environment and emerge as independent, capable, and successful young adults

Carefully designed to meet State of Georgia high school graduation standards, as well as HOPE scholarship requirements, the curriculum also exposes students to various situations and subjects that assist them in unlocking their own unique talents and finding their niche in life.

All seniors must prepare an approved post-secondary plan as part of graduation requirements.

The centerpiece of The Cottage School program teaches students the basic work skills that will prove essential to them as adults.

Among the school’s unique learning techniques is a time management system, similar to the daily planners utilized by many adults. Students receive assignments in two-week blocks, enabling them to engage in short-term planning, with rewards for completing tasks on a timely basis.

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