Cops tackle shoplifter at Sears at North Point Mall



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Police tackled a man who allegedly was stealing coats from a mall department store Nov. 24.

Two men were reported in the Sears store at North Point Mall taking coats valued between $149 and $179 each and placing them into plastic bags. The men then left the store without paying for the goods.

When police arrived, they found one suspect in the parking lot, allegedly sneaking between cars to avoid police. One man was approached and tackled after he tried to flee. He fought with an officer, reportedly trying to reach into his pocket before finally succumbing to arrest. In his pocket were a can of pepper spray and a knife.

Gary Eugene Goodsoon, 36, of Atlanta, was arrested for possession of tool to commit a crime, felony shoplifting and obstruction of police. His accomplice was not found.

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