Conman uses North Fulton Community Charities for ploy: Pockets money meant to help



NORTH FULTON, Ga. – A man has repeatedly used North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC) as a means to con people out of money.

The man, who often goes by “Reggie,” has allegedly approached people on the street, in shops and at fast food restaurants in Roswell and Alpharetta asking for assistance, said Barbara Duffy, executive director of NFCC.

He allegedly shows people a printout showing that he has an appointment at NFCC in order to get help with a monthly MARTA pass so he can get to work. He acts very upset because he is late to his appointment and NFCC is “waiting for him.” Sometimes, he claims he was let off at the wrong bus stop.

In his story, the man usually gives the address where NFCC was housed until 2005 – on Grove Way in Roswell – instead of the current location on Elkins Road, Roswell.

Several well-meaning individuals have driven him to NFCC, but it often is on an evening or weekend when NFCC’s office is not open. Others have driven him to North Springs MARTA or given him the money he needs.

Duffy said the man “is very sad and quite believable. He cries easily and says he has an injured foot.”

“We at NFCC know this individual and he does not live in our community,” Duffy said. “He does not have an appointment at NFCC. He has been using this same story since July and has successfully paid for the fictitious $95 MARTA pass many, many times over, including five times in just the last three weeks that NFCC knows about.”

Roswell Police are aware of Reggie and his actions, however no formal complaint has been registered. Since NFCC has not lost any money or property to the scam, they cannot file a complaint.

“We are a generous and compassionate community,” said Duffy. “This is why NFCC was organized 30 years ago to be a place where assistance requests could be assessed and coordinated. Every day, NFCC provides food and other assistance to over 100 families. Thank you for your help in providing comfort and support for our neighbors – but not for ‘Reggie.’”

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