Concerns over the Sharp neighborhood



I have lived in the Alpharetta area since 1985 and am writing this letter to express my strong concerns about the proposed development by Sharp Residential on Mayfield Road across from Bates Road (otherwise known as the Johnson tract). We first lived in Alpharetta Estates and moved into Harrington Falls in 1999. My children attended Alpharetta Elementary, Northwestern Middle School, Milton High School and King’s Ridge Christian School.

In 2006, along with two of my neighbors, I helped lead the annexation drive that brought 279 land parcels comprising nearly 600 acres of unincorporated property in this same area into the city of Alpharetta. The primary reasons we pushed for annexation into Alpharetta were for a strong desire to preserve the more rural character and lower density of the area.

While I am concerned about the impact of the high density Sharp Residential development on traffic and schools, I know that, eventually, development will come. However, my three biggest concerns are:

1) the sharply smaller size (approximately 1/3 acre) of the homesites in this proposed development as compared with surrounding homes and developments;

2) the visual impact on the area;

3) the number of homes that will back up to Mayfield Road and existing neighborhoods. It is my strong desire that the city push for 1-acre lots on this tract and that maximum effort be placed on maintaining a positive visual impact by ensuring that all homes are built with four sides being brick or stone (at a minimum, for homes with their backs to the street or other homes), that the area along the road have a sizable berm planted with native trees or shrubs and that other elements (high quality fencing along the road as well as brick or stone entrance signage) be formally incorporated in the plan.

If this tract is developed as initially proposed, I think the aesthetics, visual appeal and character of the area will permanently change for the worse.

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