Composting at schools helps turn outdoors into classrooms



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Compost bins are making their way into Forsyth County schools.

Recently, bins were installed at Mashburn Elementary School, and under construction are bins for North Forsyth and Central high schools as well as Daves Creek, Chattahoochee and Shiloh Point elementary schools.

Through Reaping Nature, which took over the compost program from Keep Forsyth County Beautiful, Tyson is spending about $300 per bin. They are being built by one of their maintenance personnel.

“The garden project started out as a small enrichment unit for fourth-graders who needed a challenge,” said Traci Wallace, a Horizons teacher at Mashburn ES. “Our compost bin and garden project has the potential to become an outdoor classroom for teachers addressing state standards about producers, consumers and decomposers in our community, the food chain and how changes in our environment affect our community ecosystem.”

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