Community aware of pets getting bitten by snakes



A recent article I wrote about snakes biting pets has been raising a fair amount of awareness in the community.

The article talks about how copperhead and other snakes are on the rise this time of year because this is when they hatch. Also because of rains, the snakes’ habitats are disrupted and they seek higher grounds.

Sara Westbrook was one of the readers who called me last week to share that one of her three house cats, Cici, snuck out into the backyard about two months ago.

When Cici made her way back to the house, her leg was swollen, “like an elephant.”

Cici wasn’t walking on her leg and she then collapsed in front of Sara.

Sara scooped her Cici up and rushed to All Pets Emergency Room where they confirmed Cici had been bitten by a copperhead.

Copperhead bites are not as bad as other snakes, but can be fatal, especially if the bites are to the head and neck area.

Cici was given anti-venom and IV fluid at the emergency vet.

“They saved her life,” Sara said.

Sara just wants to let the community know copperheads are out there and will be there until late October.

Sara said she’ll be more careful about letting her cats out into her yard, “even when I’m out there.”

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