Come out of the closet or stay in? That’s the 21st century question



In light of a recent college football player’s announcement that he was “coming out,” I was moved to think that perhaps I should add my voice to those who have decided to make a personal declaration to the world.

I do not do this for any shock value or to gain undue attention. It is simply an expression of who I am.

I merely wish to say that I am a Homo sapiens, and I intend to live my life as a Homo sapiens freely and openly and without regret or remorse. I don’t think this is a surprise to those who know me, but it is important for me personally to deal with my identity.

Often, when I tell my friends, they often ask when I knew I was Homo sapiens.

I can quite honestly tell them that I cannot remember a time when I was not Homo sapiens. It has always seemed to me to be a most natural state, and I have found myself to be at ease with the knowledge and I am in no way inhibited by it.

I must tell you that I engage in sapient activities and find the experience quite elevating and even exhilarating.

Nor do I find myself constrained by polite society. My peers accept me for who I am and what I do, just as I accept them for who they are. In the workplace, we work for a common goal and enjoy the fruit of our shared labor. I don’t make a big thing about my sapience, but it is always there and I do nothing to hide it.

To be sapient is both a gift and a curse. It can make some people uncomfortable, but I always say that is their problem and not mine. So I just refuse to internalize it.

I even felt moved to tell My Lady Wife that I was Homo sapiens and she replied that she did not see how this would change our marriage. Indeed she told me that she was Homo sapiens as well. So it really hasn’t changed our lives at all. To the contrary, we find we have even more in common now.

We attend many gatherings of Homo sapiens at restaurants, concerts and even sporting events. We always find the company stimulating and enjoyable. In all, our life is enriched by expanding our social horizons.

We are even going on a Caribbean cruise next month and everyone on board will be Homo sapiens. We are quite looking forward to relaxing on exotic beaches, snorkeling and just getting away from the rat race.

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