College-bound man contributed 200 hours to community



CUMMING, Ga. — Having a superb grade point average of 4.1, high school graduate Colin Neubauer is a humble young man who aspires to continue to shine in college.

During his days at Lambert High School, Neubauer not only focused on his academic goal, but he offered a helping hand through community service — about 200 hours. “Working with friends my age was great, because we were a team helping out with Toys for Tots, running food drives and assisting with the Special Olympics,” Neubauer said. “Sometimes we went door-to-door asking people for canned food.”

Neubauer, who did most of his volunteering on the weekends, is part of the C5 Georgia program.

The C5 program is a five-year leadership program that starts in seventh grade. It focuses on leadership for under-resourced, less fortunate students who contribute community service, and it helps them go to college, said Denise Laabs, a former C5 student.

Seventh-graders with a B-average are selected and finish out the program with a scholarship once they graduate high school.

Neubauer said he has learned invaluable social and business skills through C5.

His work with St. Brendan Church’s “board box city” project working with the homeless is one of his fondest. Other projects included Special Olympics and large-scale food drives.

Neubauer will be attending the University of Georgia in the fall, where he will pursue a dual major in economics and finance.

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