Coach your sales team to deliver results



Is your sales team performing as well as you’d like? Are you helping them maximize their performance? Do you allocate enough of your time to actually make a difference in helping them sell more? Coaching your sales team is critical to helping them improve their performance.

Most small business owners don’t have sales managers, so it’s up to them to allocate the time to coach their sales team.

But how much time?

The No. 1 reason small business owners don’t spend enough time coaching their sales team is that they have other priorities. If coaching your sales team isn’t a top priority, you most likely won’t generate more business.

To make coaching your sales team a priority, you need to have a plan. What are you going to focus on? How much time are you going to allocate? How are you going to build this into your work schedule? If you don’t plan to coach, it won’t happen.

Sales coaching includes a variety of topics, from understanding the sales process and knowing how to interact with potential customers to using technology and enhancing your communication skills.

Listening in on phone calls and joining your sales reps during business meetings will allow you to observe their behavior, what they say and how they react to different situations.

Coaching them on how to do things better will improve their performance. Start coaching your sales team and you’ll reap the benefits of getting more business.

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