‘Clean’ Alpharetta home turns up dirty with pot



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – “You can search my house and look wherever you want,” was what a Parkview Lane resident told police Feb. 3 who responded to a call of suspected marijuana. Police found pot in the house.

When police arrived at the apartment of the man, they smelled suspected marijuana. They asked to search the home for evidence of pot use and the man wholeheartedly agreed, repeating there were no drugs in the home.

However, a search turned up several glass pipes, a digital scale, a grinder and a glass jar, all of which had suspected pot residue on them. A search of the sofa turned up two plastic baggies with marijuana in them.

Karen Elizabeth Riggs, 23, of Caswyck Trace, Johns Creek, who is not a resident but was at the home, admitted the pot was hers. She was arrested for possession of marijuana.

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