Chattahoochee Nature Center holds Reindeer Day Dec. 16

Live reindeer focus magic of the season



ROSWELL, Ga. — Live reindeer will make a debut Sunday, Dec. 16 from 1 – 4 p.m. at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Families are invited to gather for a new holiday tradition to get in the spirit and experience the magic of the season.

The reindeer will be making a special holiday appearance at the Chattahoochee Nature Center for a full afternoon. Visitors can make their own reindeer crafts from 1 – 2:30 p.m. and create a thumbprint reindeer or build personal reindeer antlers. They can warm up by the campfire with treats, and finish a perfect day listening to Miss Julia’s Winter Story Time at 3 p.m. Everyone should prepare to laugh and learn while celebrating winter animals with some unexpected surprises, and all this is included with general admission and free for CNC members.

“Can you say Caribou? I say ‘to-may-to,’ you say ‘to-mah-to.’ I say ‘reindeer,’ you say ‘caribou,’” said Alicia Evans, CNC’s outreach and partnerships coordinator. “Whichever name you use, Rangifer tarandus is an amazing animal of the Arctic. From their massive antlers to their migratory habits, these creatures are found in wintry scenes almost everywhere you look during the holiday season. If you visit parts of Canada or Alaska, you may get a glimpse of a live reindeer, but you won’t ever get to see a reindeer here in Georgia – unless of course you join us here at CNC on Reindeer Day.

“Once you have your heavy antlers on your head, imagine walking across the entire United States – and then some. Thus is the life of the reindeer,” Evans continued. “Throughout the winter, reindeer travel in herds to the forests to forage for shrubs and vegetation beneath the snow. While migrating, they face several challenges. Overcoming predators, habitat loss and harsh climates make reindeer tough creatures. It’s no wonder Santa chose them to pull his sleigh full of toys!”

Reindeer Day is Sunday, Dec. 16 at the CNC, located at 9135 Willeo Road in Roswell. For more information, call 770-992-2055, ext. 224.

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