Changes make for contested seats in Fulton County



NORTH FULTON, Ga. – Last year, the state Legislature carved out a new Fulton County Commission seat to be located in North Fulton. This was warranted by the increased number of residents in the area, as shown in the latest Census. It gives the north metro area more say over the affairs of the county. Previously there was only one seat for the area north of the river. Now, there are two.

The election primary will be held May 20 for the new Fulton County Commission seat.

In Roswell, the city grappled with first outsourcing their court services to a private firm and then changing the way judges take their seat. Roswell is the last city in the state to elect judges. Given the restrictions placed on how much judges can say ahead of an election, the common complaint is the most qualified judges are not always elected. Appointment would fix this, however opponents argue this opens the door to having a judge serving at the pleasure of a City Council he may come at odds with over legislation.

Roswell settled the issue by deciding to elect a judge, rather than appoint. Qualifying for the election was the week of March 3-7.

RN 03-13-14

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