Change your clocks Sunday, change your batteries

Daylight-saving time is a convenient reminder to replace batteries



The Forsyth County Fire Department encourages citizens to change the batteries in their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms as they set their clocks forward an hour as daylight-saving time begins on Sunday, March 9.

“Replacing the batteries in the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms throughout your house twice each year is a simple task that could potentially prove life-saving,” Division Chief Jason Shivers said. “A convenient way to remember to do so is by changing these batteries at the same time as you change the clocks in your home. At an absolute minimum smoke and carbon monoxide alarm batteries should be changed annually.”

The Forsyth County Fire Department recommends testing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms at least once a month. If the batteries in your alarms are serviceable, they should be changed every six to twelve months. Residents should consult the recommendations of the unit manufacturer regarding battery replacement.

The units themselves should be replaced every seven to ten years.

The Fire Department also reminds citizens of the following safety precautions:

• Install a smoke alarm on every level of the home

• Ensure smoke alarms are clean and free of dust

• Dial 911 in case of any emergency

“The critical need for working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms throughout every level of a home cannot be stressed enough,” Fire Chief Danny Bowman said. “It is important to remember that you have no sense of smell when you are asleep, so smoke alarms are your only hope of being alerted to a fire.”

The Fire Department’s Public Safety Education Division provides battery-powered smoke alarms free of charge for senior citizens and residents in need. To receive more details about this program, call the Forsyth County Fire Department at 770.781.2180.

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