Castleberry parking garage needs tweaks before opening



CUMMING, Ga. — Although the Castleberry Road three-level garage is technically finished, there are some technical issues that still need to be addressed before cars can begin to pull into one of the 222 parking spaces.

“Some of us feel like it was a bad design on the elevator shaft,” said Cumming Mayor H. Ford Gravitt.

Gravitt, who addressed the concerns during a June 10 meeting with project leaders, said he believes there could have been a bad design of the elevator shaft at the Castleberry parking deck, at the intersection of Castleberry Road and Maple Street, because the controls open to the weather.

Gravitt wants a solution to protect the electric controls.

He also requested the same change take place at the Mason Street parking deck, which is under construction.

Project manager Joe Lee, of Carter Goble Lee, said he contacted the manufacturer, who assured him that the control is design to be water resistant.

However, he said he would look at making a modification.

“The elevator door opens to the weather and its controls are located in an area where the weather is going to damage it or it’s going to cause problems,” Gravitt said. “We are looking at the safety… electricity and water don’t mix too good. We need a different design on that.”

Another issue with the Castleberry Road parking deck that has been identified is the drainage and water runoff on the south side of the parking deck adjacent to the Tyson’s chicken plant.

Doug Shaw, of Wakefield Beasley and Associates, said that there are solutions, but nothing has been finalized.

“We are trying to figure out how to work with the water,” Shaw said.

The changes will be covered under the current budget, Shaw assured members of the jail/courthouse team.

The opening of the Castleberry Parking Facility will be at the discretion of city officials.

FH 06-18-14

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