Car seat switches land Alpharetta couple in jail



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — A man and a woman were arrested Nov. 13 after allegedly driving drunk and nearly hitting an off-duty police officer – in the same car.

The Fulton County police officer said he was driving on Haynes Bridge Road when a vehicle crossed into his lane, attempted to turn into the shopping center at the intersection of Haynes Bridge and Old Milton Parkway. It missed the entrance and instead drove northbound in the southbound lane to get into another entrance. The car then stopped at the Burger King. The off-duty officer called 911.

The Fulton officer told police he saw the male driver get out of the car and switch places with the female passenger before police arrived.

An Alpharetta officer questioned the man, Schuyler V. Loughrey, 24, of Wood Road, Milton, who allegedly smelled of alcohol. He had a suspended license as well as an open can of beer in the car. He said the beer was his.

His female companion, Amanda Claire Rampley of Canton, was questioned. She said she was the driver. However, after failing sobriety tests, police determined she was also drunk.

Rampley was arrested for DUI and failure to maintain lane. Loughrey was charged with driving with a suspended license and having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle.

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