Car parked off highway found with drugs



CUMMING, Ga. — A man and woman stopped their car April 17 off the northbound ramp of Ga. 400 at Ga. 306. After receiving calls from other drivers, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s deputy stopped by to check on the couple.

At about 5 p.m., deputies were dispatched for a courtesy check.

The woman in the car said they had pulled onto the shoulder to talk. The man said they pulled over because she was mad he had gotten a call from another woman.

Deputies asked if there was any “contraband,” to which both answered no.

Deputies later found $1,300 in cash inside the man’s pocket.

After searching the car, deputies found two syringes filled with a clear liquid and specks of a crystal-like substance. Deputies said they saw dried blood on the needles.

The woman later said the substance was meth and that she had injected herself.

She asked for her car to be turned over to the man who was with her. He told deputies she has a problem with the drug and he was trying to help her get clean.

FH 04-30-14

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