Canton Truck driver nicked with booze, coke



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – When a dump truck driver was arrested for possession of alcohol in a commercial vehicle, his cocaine stash landed him in more trouble.

Police spotted Enrique Agreda-Medina, 39, of Canton, as he stepped out of a dump truck across the street from the liquor store on South Main Street where he bought some beer.

The officer watching him was previously a commercial vehicle inspector, and notes it is against the law for alcoholic beverages to be kept in a commercial vehicle.

When Agreda-Medina tried to drive away, he was pulled over. When he supplied his license, it turned out to be suspended.

A search of the vehicle allegedly turned up a case of beer as well as a coffee mug containing two plastic bags – one with suspected marijuana and the other with suspected cocaine.

Agreda-Medina was arrested for possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, driving with a cancelled license and driving without a seatbelt.

MH 03-19-14

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