Can your ears “zoom?”



Audiologists know that the biggest problem for people with hearing loss is the challenge to hear in noisy environments such as restaurants and the car. It’s not only difficult to hear, it’s challenging to focus on a person and understand them. Phonak technology has effectively addressed this challenge by developing a series of features called “Zoom technology” designed to actually empower people to personalize the performance of their hearing instruments in real time in those environments.

Imagine being at a big table at a restaurant, and with a touch of a button you can actually zoom in on a single conversation with a friend across the table while suppressing other background noise. Or drive in the car and have your Phonak autoZoom feature automatically track and focus on speech, regardless of the direction without the need to face the speaker. Our own ears can’t even do that! The result for many has been remarkable.

The Audiology department at North Fulton Ear, Nose and Throat Associates consists of Master’s and Doctoral level Audiologists licensed to practice in the state of Georgia. We are proud to offer our expertise and state-of-the-art technology from Phonak. Your hearing aids will be fully customized for your individual hearing needs and lifestyle. Some of the latest technology even offers connectivity to your Bluetooth devices including cellphones, MP3 players and computers, and can also work directly with your television.

North Fulton Ear, Nose and Throat Associates has two convenient locations to serve you. Call our Roswell office at 770-343-8675 or Cumming at 770-886-5826 to schedule your appointment today and ‘hear’ for yourself why we are excited about these advancements in hearing aid technology. You deserve to hear better – let us be your solution for your hearing healthcare needs!

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