Cambridge High sophomore Sarah Ellison joins NWF program



MILTON, Ga. —The Milton National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Habitat Program welcomed Cambridge High sophomore Sarah Ellison, who will now serve as volunteer coordinator.

Ellison will help NWF as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project, which includes a neighborhood competition and outreach to businesses and places of worship.

Ellison will be seen at the NWF booth at the Milton Earth Day Festival April 20.

To help certify your property to support wildlife, complete the online process and certify the four components to support wildlife: food (berries, seeds, birdseed), water (creek, lake, retention pond, birdbath, water dish), shelter (dense shrubs, birdhouse), and places to raise young (birdhouse, shrubbery, trees).

After certifying, pay $20 to NWF and your business or home address will becomes part of the city-wide project that helps achieve the 150 homes and 100 community areas.

Visit for more information on certifying your help.

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