Caller harasses deputies at Forsyth County jail



CUMMING, Ga. — Deputies said a man has repeatedly called the jail and threated to “take down” the sheriff.

At about 1:15 a.m. July 30, a deputy in the Forsyth County Detention Center got a call from a man who has called several times before saying he was going to take down the sheriff and his staff for doing illegal things.

The deputy told the caller he would hang up on him unless he had a jail issue to discuss, an incident to report or a medical emergency.

The caller cursed at the deputy and said he shouldn’t hang up on people.

The man has been calling since July 14. The caller said he was a part of the Southern Tea Party and demanded the deputy to wake up the sheriff immediately.

When the deputy refused, the caller hung up and continued calling back with the same threats. Late that night, deputies said they saw the man ride up in a taxi and throw an American flag onto the walkway before the taxi drove off.

The deputies said they have a suspect who has an open warrant for failure to appear on a driving under the influence and failure to maintain lane traffic arrest.

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