Bulloch Hall opens reconstructed carriage house



ROSWELL, Ga. – A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at Bulloch Hall on Thursday, Dec. 5 to officially open the 1839 reconstructed carriage house that completed the property’s service yard.

Mayor Jere Wood, councilmembers and those on the Friends of Bulloch Board took part in the grand opening. Master carpenter Geoff Lambosis and archaeologist Connie Huddleston were also in attendance.

Pam Billingsley, the Bulloch site coordinator, said the funds raised at the 28th annual Magnolia Ball allowed for the completion of the carriage house, and that construction began in July and finished just weeks ago.

“To have this whole area done is just a wonderful interpretive tool to show visitors what the carriage house really looked like,” Billingsley said.

The carriage house joins reconstructed slave quarters and a privy that now comprise the 1840s service yard on the property.

Billingsley added that a carriage was recently given to Bulloch Hall as a gift for the newly reconstructed house.

“It’s going to be a great asset for Bulloch — we’re very excited about it,” she said.

While they knew what the original carriage house looked like, Billingsley said liberties had to be taken to meet today’s standards, adding that flooring and things of that nature had to be addressed.

She said the house will eventually be painted white on the outside like the other buildings on the property, with white wash floors on the inside.

“We have a wonderful exhibit for tours,” Billingsley said. “And the carriage house will now be open for everyone to see.”

For more information, or to schedule a tour, visit www.bullochhall.org.

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