Brumbelow signal should be blinking after Labor Day



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Even when city governments talk to each other nicely, the wheels of government turn slow, but they do turn. The promised traffic signal at Brumbelow Road and Old Alabama Road should be up and “blinking” the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Meanwhile Roswell should begin repaving Old Alabama Road. It is tentatively scheduled to begin in September.

The blinking light will make motorists aware of the new signal so as to ease traffic into an awareness of the light before they have to begin obeying it to stop.

That traffic signal once was a sore spot between Roswell and Johns Creek. Now that both sides have agreed to erect the signal, the niceties of bureaucracy must still be observed. You can’t just throw up a traffic signal without following the Georgia Department of Transportation’s protocol.

Public Works Director Tom Black told the City Council Aug. 4 that the poles have been ordered.

The Brumbelow traffic signal was stalled for more than a year while the Johns Creek and Roswell city councils squabbled over the details such as who would “own it,” whether costs would be shared and who would control the timing of the signal.

Roswell said the signal was on their road and part of their system, and it would be their signal under their control. Johns Creek rejoined that in that case Roswell should pay for it, or at least part of it. Roswell replied that Johns Creek is the one lobbying for the traffic signal.

Johns Creek never did have much bargaining power as only Johns Creek residents were calling for the signal. In the end, the city agreed to pay the $200,000 cost for the light while ceding ownership, right of way and the timing of the signal to Roswell.

Roswell, which owns both sides of the southern portion of Old Alabama Road, will retain the signal as part of its system.


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