Brumbelow residents satisfied with no traffic light



Just read [the Johns Creek Herald] article on the Brumbelow/Nesbit light. I live along Brumbelow and found the first sentence of your article to be mistaken.

From the people I have talked to, the residents along Brumbelow do NOT want this light. Rather, we have told the JC City Council that we don’t.

Of course, JC City Council did not ask us if we wanted this light; rather they decided that they would do it. The reason we don’t want this light is that it will cause more traffic along what has always been a residential street.

And it will encourage more St. Brigid [Catholic Church] traffic, which we Brumbelow residents opposed too, twice now. But JC City Council ignored us.

Why the council grants the requests of St. Brigid in spite of the opposition of the nearby residents that will be affected is an interesting mystery. My prediction is that St. Brigid will come back again to increase the size and scope of their school and we will have a Mt. Pisgah problem all over again. Previously, the traffic plan had been to send traffic along Old Alabama and Nesbit Ferry. Now that has apparently changed and the council wants to relieve the Old Alabama-Nesbit traffic and carry it through Brumbelow. The same thing is happening to Morton Road to relieve traffic at the State Bridge-Jones Bridge intersection.

So this is a light that the council wants, not the residents along Brumbelow. Not even members of St. Brigid that l have talked to that live along Brumbelow were in favor of the new St. Brigid driveway or this light.


Johns Creek

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