Broadbent enters race for JC City Council

Will seek Post 4



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Steve Broadbent, the current chairman of the Johns Creek Planning Commission, declared Feb. 17 he will seek the City Council Post 4 seat left vacant after the resignation of Ivan Figueroa.

Broadbent, who is running for the second time, said he is running for office because of his desire to serve the residents of Johns Creek.

“I think I can add a lot to the leadership of the City Council. And I am a fiscal conservative, which I think fits in well with the direction that Johns Creek has chosen in the past and will continue,” he said.

Broadbent said he has led large organizations in the past including 22 years in the U.S. Navy, which gives him the kind of organizational experience that is needed for the job of councilperson.

“I think I bring strong leadership skills to the City Council,” Broadbent said. “I know how to tackle complex problems. For instance, my undergraduate degree is in nuclear engineering. If nothing else, you are taught to analyze complex problems and to bring them to a successful resolution.

“I think that is the skill I can offer to the city of Johns Creek and the City Council,” he said.

Asked what he saw as the biggest issue facing the city, Broadbent said there were several issues that are immediately clear.

First, as a fiscal conservative, he wants to keep the tax rate stable so that neither commercial nor residential property owners are asked to accept a tax increase.

The answer to more revenue to the city is to expand its tax base by recruiting more businesses to the city.

“We want to narrow the huge gap between commercial and residential properties. I think it is at an 80-20 split right now between commercial and residential taxpayers,” he said. “We need to narrow that gap but still maintain the unique characteristics of Johns Creek.”

The other issue that the city must address is that of traffic management and roads, he said.

“If there is one complaint I hear about Johns Creek, it is how difficult it is to travel through the city,” Broadbent said.

“We need to continue to search for solutions on improving traffic, yet at the same time we have to put money into resurfacing our roads – not only on the main arteries but down into the subdivisions,” he said.

Broadbent plans on a door-to-door campaign so that he can hear directly from residents what their concerns are and what they want to see for the city.

“I think it’s the best way to get to know the city and what’s on the voters’ minds.”

Broadbent said he is active in his community, a successful businessman and an experienced leader.

He is a successful small business owner where he provides specialized financial consulting services to publicly traded companies and large, privately held corporations. His previous business experience includes 11 years with AT&T where he last served as a sales vice president in Los Angeles.

Broadbent also was appointed by President George H.W. Bush to serve as a deputy assistant secretary in the U.S. Department of the Treasury where he worked throughout the Bush Administration.

He began his career as an officer in the U.S. Navy where he served in assignments at sea in the Mideast and in Washington, D.C. He retired from the Navy as a commander following 22 years on active duty and in the Navy reserves.

Broadbent said he will have his campaign website launched shortly.

The Broadbent file

Age: 60

Occupation: Executive benefits consultant

Family: Wife Mary and two daughters

Education: Bachelor’s degree in nuclear science at University of Virginia; master’s degree in business administration at University of North Carolina; master’s degree in public policy at George Washington University.

Public Service: Johns Creek Planning Commission

Military Service: U.S. Navy, 22 years active and reserve


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