Breast Cancer. Prevention or Medicine?



Breast cancer affects so many women, do you know how to prevent it? Fortunately, over the past decade or so the incidence of breast cancer has been decreasing. Some cite the decreased use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as one of the reasons for this. Yet, the number of younger women diagnosed with some form of breast cancer is increasing. This should make some wonder that HRT is not the main reason for breast cancer as younger women are not on HRT, or not the way as most doctors or health advocates think of it.

Prevention measures should be the mainstay. But how many people know how to prevent breast cancer? What is the role of foods, stress, sleep, environmental factors, weight, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and medications, to name a few, to either increase or decrease breast cancer risk? These aspects are hardly discussed. Medications are the prime focus, and continuous research to insure newer medications are created to better combat new cases of breast cancer. Very little attention or discussion is given for prevention.

SomaNu Health & Wellness and Dr. Doniparthi are focused on the latest knowledge on how to prevent breast cancer. Prevention is worth a lot more than treatment, both in the short-term and long-term. Dr. Doniparthi will be hosting a talk on hormone replacement called “Raging Hormones” as part of his “Evenings with the Doc” seminars on October 30th, at 6:30 PM. Please call ahead to RSVP at 678.242.0204.

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