Breakfast: the most important meal of the day



After I wrote my column about proposing to my now-fiancé, I had a lot of outpouring of support from the community.

There are also a good number of stories told about how other people proposed. One story in particular caught my attention – it came from a Roswell couple who only this year got married. After a whirlwind romance and a lot of breakfasts, they tied the knot.

Local author Jerry Walker and Denise Buchanan, of Keller Williams Realty, met at a breakfast seminar in August 2013. Denise said Jerry made an impression on her the moment she saw him from across the room.

“He is really handsome. What is his story?” she asked her friends.

From there the trail ran cold until about three months later, December, mutual friends hooked them up and they went on their first date.

It was coffee over breakfast.

Neither one said sparks flew and they said it may never amount to anything.

It was, after all, just coffee.

But something must have clicked. Two days later, they went on a second date. Again, it started at breakfast, but went much, much longer. Eleven hours, in fact.

“It was a marathon date,” Jerry said. Brunch, museum, coffee shop then the botanical gardens. This time something clicked.

“We knew on our second date that this was uniquely special,” Denise said. “By the end of the second date, we were arm in arm and holding hands. We knew we would either be dating, just friends or sworn enemies by the end of it.”

Jerry proposed Feb. 23, after nearly three months of dating. They were married March 16.

“It’s been kind of a whirlwind,” Denise said, adding that, because they are both older with grown children, they were more secure in knowing what they wanted. “We have a greater awareness of where we are in our lives. This is not our first rodeo.”

There was no question over how they should get married – over breakfast, of course.

“Every milestone has been over coffee and breakfast,” Jerry said.

So they had a breakfast wedding, which Denise says stressed their wedding planner out to no end. How do you hold a breakfast wedding? Afternoon and evening weddings, sure, they are easy. But breakfast?

“Everyone is stepping back and thinking how this changes how the wedding plays out,” Jerry said. “Everybody is rearranging how they think. What do you wear for a breakfast wedding?”

It’s easy. You start with coffee.

Instead of salad there are eggs and grits. Instead of wine there are mimosas. The wedding cake was a coffee cake (of course).

Denise’s wedding dress was a short dress, fitting for a relaxed, day ceremony.

Jerry still wore a tux.

“This is the first breakfast wedding we know of,” Denise said. “We are making the rules up as we go.”

That they did. I have never heard of a breakfast wedding, but from what Jerry and Denise said, it was lots of fun.

If nothing else, readers, you can learn a valuable lesson from the two starry-eyed lovers - breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

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