Bookkeeper embezzles $300K from work

Paid for university, medical care, car



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – A Lawrenceville woman is accused of defrauding her employer out of nearly $300,000.

According to her former employer, a large property development company, Margaret Bray Knapik, 43, of Lawrenceville embezzled at least $287,000 from the company over seven year.

As the company’s sole bookkeeper, Knapik was in charge of bill payment as well as accounts receivable. She also had control of the company credit cards from 1999-2013. These cards were by policy to be paid off every month and never hold a balance.

The owner of the company told police he went to use his company card Dec. 3, 2013 only to have it declined, with more than $50,000 placed on it. Knapik allegedly admitted to the theft.

Knapik would use the cards for personal expenses such as gas and rental cars, but also college tuition for her children, housing and medical care.

She allegedly paid herself nearly $11,000 in salary over what she should have made, filed $62,000 in false mileage reimbursements and placed $169,000 on one credit card while putting $45,000 on another.

All told, the company said she stole $287,000 and possibly much more.

She allegedly would try to cover up her actions by paying off accounts using different accounts.

Knapik was arrested and charged with felony theft by taking.

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