Book inspires readers to help others, disabled



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — When the Rev. David Glover set out to write one book, he ended up with something unexpected, but ultimately necessary.

Glover set out to change the world with his book, “A Better Way: Where Least is Most.”

“I wrote for over a year before I realized that what I was writing was really intended for the next book,” said Glover, a Gainesville resident. “I realized that I must write ‘A Better Way’ first, or the next would not have meaning or context.”

Glover is the founder of PURE ministries, a project that works with individuals with disabilities and their families.

Through his book, Glover hopes to encourage Christians in America to help others more, specifically disabled people.

“The book presents the proposition that as Christians, we do not have the option or luxury of choosing who we love and associate with,” Glover said. “Writing ‘A Better Way: Where Least is Most’ is the result of examining my own awakening based on the experiences our family and literally thousands of others have had in and through our churches.”

In the book, Glover also goes into detail about his own spiritual journey and his grandson, Zachariah, who plays a major role in his life.

Zachariah died when he was 5 years old and he taught many people, including Glover, about life.

The first day of his life, Zachariah was diagnosed with excess fluid on his brain. Throughout the next four years, Zachariah was diagnosed with various ailments such as cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder.

“As many special needs families experience, we learned to see life in new and better ways,” Glover said. “Zachariah’s steady happiness, courage and positive attitude were and remain an example to all of us.”

This experience showed Glover what he must focus his life on next.

“God used Zach, his birth, his life and his death to draw me closer to Himself and to give my life a new focus – awakening the church to the need and blessings of people with special needs and their families,” Glover said.

Glover plans to minister to his church and continue to work on his original book.

“We humbly believe that God has given us a big vision,” he said.

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