Book aims to help girls heal from sexual trauma



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — A Forsyth County author is helping others heal after being abused by sharing her personal story.

“I want so very much to help others heal after being abused,” said Tammy Kennedy, who signed copies of her book “Jingle Lost Her Jingle,” at Books For Less in Alpharetta Aug. 25.

“I went from being in and out of mental hospitals as the patient to becoming a therapist in mental hospitals,” she said. “I want to give others hope.”

Kennedy, who has worked for the Forsyth County Department of Family and Children’s Services and later taught special education at Sawnee Elementary School, said if children can heal early from the effects of abuse, it can help them stay free from drug abuse, unwanted pregnancies or suicide.

Kennedy is currently working on a male version to her book called “Lil J Lost His Jam,” to help male survivors of abuse.

To order “Jingle Lost Her Jingle,” call Advantage Books at 1-888-383-3110 or visit or go to

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