Birmingham project to include single-family homes in Milton



MILTON, Ga. — City Council approved to modify conditions for 22 acres located on the southeast corner of Birmingham Highway and Birmingham Road at their June 16 City Council meeting.

Capkey Birmingham Partners requested to change the original number of units approved in 2004 from 33 townhomes to also include single-family homes.

The Milton Community Development Department recommended the approval of the change, but with conditions.

“At the meeting, the City Council approved the applicant’s request for 10-foot front setback, but to allow porches to encroach up to five feet,” City Planner Robyn MacDonald said. “The City Council also approved a zero-foot rear setback.”

The company asked to remove the required 10,000-square-foot day care facility required in the initial request from 2004.

“We recommended City Council approve that condition because the day care center didn’t appear to meet required standards, such as inadequate parking,” MacDonald said.

The revised plan calls for a 5,300 square-foot one-story building and states that the commercial area will include commercial, restaurant and retail businesses.

MacDonald said that council also approved a condition concerning a temporary landscape plan.

When 50 percent of the residential units are issued certificates of occupancy, the areas shown as commercial on the revised site plan from 2004, a temporary landscape plan must be provided and approved by the city’s arborist, MacDonald said. In addition, they need to be installed within 90 days, as well as the installation of sidewalk and street trees.

MacDonald said plans provided by Capkey meet the city’s design plan and the approval process is moving forward.

No construction start date was provided.

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