Big Apple Circus returns to Alpharetta with ‘Luminocity’

Runs until Feb. 17



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – After performing last year at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park, the Big Apple Circus has returned to Alpharetta with their brand new show “Luminocity.”

The circus opened Jan. 31 and runs through Feb. 17.

The show tells the tale of a busy day in New York City through the eyes of several talented characters.

On opening night, the audience was entertained by a comical tourist clown and stunned by the strength and agility of acrobats who portrayed dazzling fireworks just before the entire cast joined the audience in the tradition of counting down from 10 like New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

The Big Apple Circus really held true to its mantra of “instant connection” as the performers did their best to include the entire audience in the story and even draw a few individuals into the ring.

Making the atmosphere that much more incredible was the circus band. Under the direction of Rob Slowik, the band helped bring the performance to life with their lively songs and crescendos at intense, breathtaking moments.

“I would say it was refreshing to have a live band playing music,” said opening night audience member Adam Fultz.

Crowds came from all over to see the Big Apple Circus perform at Verizon Wireless on its opening night.

Audience members included circus enthusiasts like Steve Langley from Huntersville, N.C., who came to Atlanta to see his personal friend juggle in “Luminocity” and to attend the Atlanta Juggling Festival.

Local patrons also came to see the Big Apples Circus perform.

“I’m always excited when the circus comes to town. I’ve been to Cirque du Soleil a few times, but I’m really excited to see the Big Apple Circus,” said Olivia Dooley from Roswell.

Even the youngest of children were really excited to be at the Big Apple Circus, as Lorah Alice, 5, demonstrated, saying she was excited to see the gymnasts and the horses and to eat her cotton candy.

“The circus is the best thing in the world,” said Aidan Woods, 7.

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