Big Apple Circus comes to Alpharetta



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Enthusiastic performers welcomed hundreds of spectators to the Big Apple Circus as they entertain through Feb. 18 in Alpharetta.

The Big Apple Circus kicked off with “Legendarium, a journey into circus’ past,” on Feb. 1. The Big Apple Circus will perform under a big tent at the parking lot A, accessible via the West Gate at 1775 Founders Parkway at the Verizon Amphitheatre at Encore Park.

Spectators get to experience a world of excitement taken to new heights, literally. Aerial strap artists fly as high as 25 feet into the air. A hilarious husband-and-wife clown team kept the audience roaring with laughter and interaction. Whether audiences are there to see the astonishing acrobats, flawless jugglers, soaring aerialists, poised wire acts or the magnificent horses and dogs, the circus is great for the entire family.

There are a total of just 16 rows in the tent so everyone feels apart of the excitement during the show.

Stone Mountain resident Jack Vaiden said he followed the circus to Alpharetta just to see the show.

“I enjoy coming to the Big Apple Circus every year because it’s intimate and more real,” Vaiden said. “I can see everything that is happening right there in front of me.”

Phillip Thurston, a spokesman for Big Apple, travels up and down the East Coast with the circus and he says the Atlanta audience is the best.

“They really demonstrate the love,” Thurston said. “The energy down here translates into an energetic performance.”

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