Barnwell Elementary ‘Jams’ for world record



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Barnwell Elementary students and staff took physical education to a whole new level as participants in the World Record Jam 2012.

All 801 Barnwell students exercised to the beat along with their teachers and other students around the globe.

The Jam World Record was a special event connected with the daily Jammin’ Minute routine. Barnwell students are very familiar with this routine, which is often a part of the morning announcements. This one-minute fitness routine includes five very simple exercises that kids can do while either standing at their desk or sitting in a chair. The routine helps improve strength, conditioning and coordination. It also supports research that shows that physical activity throughout the day improves school performance by providing energy and refocusing benefits.

“I was really excited that we made the world record,” said Dallas Lee, a Barnwell student.

Barnwell Elementary physical education teacher Becky Kennedy said there is a solid connection between physical and mental fitness. The Barnwell students just think it is fun.

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