Bank teller at BB&T Bank on Dahlonega Street helps scammed victim



CUMMING, Ga. — A woman wanted to withdraw $15,000 from her credit card, but the bank teller knew that did not sound right, according to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s incident report.

On Nov. 16, a woman went to the BB&T Bank, 214 Dahlonega Street, and asked to withdraw $15,000 against her credit card.

The teller alerted the manager and he asked the woman if she was sure about the large amount of money.

The woman said she won a Reader’s Digest Clearing House contest.

They told her this was a scam.

The bank manager asked her if she had sent any money prior to this request, and she said she sent $7,000 to an address in Florida on Nov. 15.

The manager sent the teller to the post office to stop the envelope from being mailed.

When deputies arrived, the woman told them she got a call Nov. 14 from a man who told her she was a winner of a Mercedes Benz or a large cash payout.

The person told her she needed to send $7,000 in order to collect her prize. Then, the next day, he called and told her to send $15,000 so that her prize would be delivered.

While deputies were conducting the interview, the scammer called the woman again.

Deputies were able to hear him tell the woman to get $15,000 worth in Green Dot cards.

He said for her to not tell anyone her business, and, if anyone asked, to say that she has a lot of grandchildren.

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