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JOHNS CREEK - Records are meant to be broken.

Just ask anyone with the Children’s Restoration Network. The group recently shattered the Guinness Book of World Record’s listing for the longest continuous concert in the name of creating awareness of the area’s homeless children.

“The mission of Children’s Restoration Network is to offer hope and support to homeless children and their mothers, empowering them to become active and productive citizens through programs and events designed to uplift their spirits and address their academic, emotional, and physical need.”

This mission statement of the CRN all started with two friends and a newspaper article. Since then, it’s grown into a ground-breaking and historical event. The Children’s Restoration Network recently held a benefit at the Ritz-Carlton of Buckhead as a celebration of the Children’s Restoration Network’s achievement of breaking a Guinness World Record.

Teamed with the Red Rabbit Pizza Pub in Duluth, Turning Point Homes, and more than 563 different bands and performance groups, the CRN broke the Guinness record of the world’s longest held concert. More than 1,000 musicians participated in the 343 hour concert; the event was ongoing and streaming constantly online.

No song could be repeated and there could be no more than a 30 second break between songs, with no more than a 5 minute setup between performance groups. Volunteers and bands traveled from far and wide, as far away as Tennessee, San Diego, and London, to participate in the concert, which was declared an official record-breaker on site by a Guinness Executive on July 24.

CEO of the Children’s Restoration Network, Cliff Kinsey, said the benefit held at the Ritz was also record-breaking for the Network.

“It was the biggest gala we’ve ever had; tables went from $1,500 to $25,000,” he said.

Live auctions were held at the benefit; CRN supporter Larry Wine purchased four tickets to Disney for $2,100 and immediately donated the prize to a CRN Hope Scholarship winner, providing the student with his first vacation ever.

Since the benefit, the CRN has seen a noticeable spike in volunteers, especially in the organization’s current back-to-school drive; residents can find donation drop boxes for school supplies at local Kroger grocery stores.

According to Kinsey, the record-breaking concert was awesome.

“It was an amazing event that the community really embraced,” he said. “What better way to give a voice to children in need than to let musicians be their voice?”

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