B.O.G.S.A.D.R.B.A.P.T.T. convenes for annual toy drive



ROSWELL – Once again the loyal order of B.O.G.S.A.D.R.B.A.P.T.T.* met on the first Friday in December at the B.O.G.S.A.D.R.B.A.P.T.T. Lodge (aka Rich O’Donnell’s house) where the Exalted High Panjandrum (aka Steve Dorvee) and the Grand Poobah (aka O’Donnell; aka The Master of Revels; aka that Great Irish Twit) held court.

As tradition requires, Jimmy Stewart’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” plays continuously until the last wheeled toy is completed. The lodge then gathers on the deck for the lighting of the tree and the playing of the closing hymn, “O, Danny Boy.”

Grateful thanks was given to the sponsors: Greenwood’s Restaurant, Montana’s Bar and Grill and The Cigar Merchant at Mansell Road and Ga. 9.

*Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around Drinking Beer And Putting Together Toys


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