Avalon is name chosen for Prospect Park in Alpharetta



Without a lot of fanfare, North American Properties frontman Mark Toro spilled the beans on Prospect Park’s new name on Twitter this week.

“Avalon” is what they came up with. This comes after an appeal on social media channels for name suggestions.

Toro writes: "Avalon will [be] the first metro Atlanta property to incorporate five-star hospitality into a retail-focused environment."

What do you think of the name? As far as I’m concerned, anything other than Prospect Park is fine with me.

Had to Google it, but the name Avalon is derived from King Arthur lore.

It was the place where Arthur’s sword, the Excalibur, was forged. In more modern times Avalon has inspired the names of movies, books, rock and roll bands, and…

The Toyota Avalon

Blame it on marketing, but this is the first thing to pop into my mind when I hear the name “Avalon.” We’re a family of Toyota drivers in my house. I drive a 2003 Camry XLE which, back in the day, was about as close to an Avalon as your could get. The Avalon was Toyota’s nicer-than-a-Camry but not-as-nice-as-a-Lexus sedan.

Today, by Alpharetta standards, my car is a piece of junk. The fact that it is missing a hubcap doesn’t help. I don’t know if the Toyota Avalon holds the same appeal today as it did years ago. But I still associate the name to the vehicle. How long will it take me to associate “Avalon” to a five-star hospitality property? Pretty soon

I’d imagine.

av-uh-lon versus av-uh-nyoo

After I finished thinking about automobiles, this is what next jumped into my head. Not far up GA-400 is the Avenue Forsyth. While it is no where near what Prospect Park Avalon will be in scale and amenities, there are still some similarities. Both are large shopping centers along GA-400. And both will share two syllables of their three syllable names. Will the name “Avalon” roll off the tongue as “Avenue”, and vice verse?

Avalon is a curious choice for a name, one I personally would not have considered. But in the end, I really didn’t have much of an opinion on the new name of Prospect Park. Like most in this area, the opening of Westside Parkway and a reduction in the scale of the project are foremost on my mind.

What do you think of changing Prospect Park to Avalon?

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