Atlanta’s housing market expected to be strong



With the spring sales season just around the corner, many homeowners are wondering if this is the right time to buy or sell their home. I’m here to say that now is the time.

Analysts believe that 2014 is going to be a very strong year for the Atlanta housing market.

According to the National Association of Builders, new home starts were up almost 70 percent in 2013 in the Atlanta metro area.

We have not seen this type of increase since before the recession.

The current inventory of available homes continues to remain low. As the spring season approaches, builders will have to work hard to keep up with an increasing demand.

This creates a great opportunity for homeowners who are looking to list their homes.

Lower inventory means less competition! As consumer confidence in the market continues to climb, the demand will be even greater as more and more buyers enter the market.

From a buying perspective, interest rates are rising but continue to remain low. Buyers should take advantage of the lower rates now. With consumer and builder confidence on the rise and the increase in construction spending stimulating the economy, rates are predicted to rise as the economy stabilizes.

With all of the positive changes occurring in the Atlanta real estate market, we believe now is the perfect time to buy or sell a home.

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