At war with whom?



I am absolutely sick up to my craw with folks who continue to refer to “The War Against Terror.” That is the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard. It makes no sense a’tall, yet people keep on saying it. It’s like saying we’re at war with U-boats, or we’re at war with infantry, or we’re at war with artillery.  

Terrorism is simply a tactic used (by cowards) to fight a war.  

So let me set the record straight for those of you who keep on referring to the “War Against Terror.”

We are at war with radical Islamic extremists. They have declared a holy war, called a Jihad, against us, the United States of America. They have vowed to kill us. Their chosen method of fighting is terrorism.

We are at war with them, not their tactics.  We are at war against people, not bombs.  

It’s similar to the idiots who think we’re at war with handguns in America. We’re at war with criminals, predators, thugs and murderers who use handguns as their weapon of choice. Contrary to what some believe, guns and bombs do not have brains. They are incapable of thinking and planning and making life-and-death decisions. They are simply tools and nothing else.  

There. I hope that makes it clear.

My question is this. Why is it that most people, especially the politicians in Washington, won’t say the words, “Radical Islamic Extremists”?  Why do they always use the term “Terrorism” to describe our enemy? Why do they continue to deflect from the truth?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because they are afraid. They are cowardly. If they say the truth, it might offend someone or hurt someone’s feelings or make someone mad. It might be considered “Politically Incorrect” to call a spade a spade. It might stir the pot, and that might cost them votes.  

Someone might point a finger at them and say, “You shouldn’t say that.” And so they call a spade a club and figure we won’t know the difference anyway.

Well, I can assure you I know the difference. I know whom we are at war with. It is with a comparatively small group of maniacs who think they are right and we are wrong. And they believe wholeheartedly that “The wages of sin is death”…and we are definitely the sinners in their eyes…and they intend to kill us if they can. They believe they are commanded by God (Allah). And that makes it an “ism”.

And “isms” are hard to defeat. They just keep on coming back, time and time again, until they either die or get reformed. After all…God is on their side…right?

If you don’t believe it, just ask ’em.  

And that’s the way I see it.

Milton Crabapple is a professional speaker and entertainer.  To book Milton to speak, call 770-993-0004 or email Also visit

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