Artist makes donations to Johns Creek's Ocee Library



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Local digital artist, photographer and newly published author Patricia Gagne recently donated six pieces of her artwork to the Ocee Library following the book signing of her first book, “The Heroic Self,” an inspirational life-coaching publication.

“I have put my heart and soul into writing this book,” Gagne said, “It is dearest to my heart.”

For the past 15 years, Gagne has made her art company her central focus. She specializes in digital art, which is a hybridization between traditional canvas paintings and computer technologies such as Photoshop.

She takes real-life photographs and edits them in Photoshop. Then, using Corel software, she paints over the photo to give it a more “canvas-type” feel.

“I like to call my art pieces ‘kind of realistic paintings.’ They’re halfway between digital photographs and canvas artwork,” Gagne said.

Her donated pieces, which she refers to her “outdoors life series,” hang in the children’s section at the Ocee Library. This collection consists of images of children playing various sports. Gagne also frequently donates to silent auctions that benefit various charity organizations.

“I’m always happy to donate if it’s going to help children or a charity,” the former high school teacher said. “I love the fact that all guests at the library can feel a moment of serenity and a connection between the natural world and themselves through my paintings. That’s my whole goal when I look at trying to help the community.”

In addition to her mentors Jane Sziser and Julie Hughes, Gagne draws her inspiration through the children she works with as well as from impressionist artists such Degas and Monet. Her art pieces were recently featured at two galleries, the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts in February and the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York in April.

Her art has also been published in various coffee art table books.

Gagne also spends her time as a yoga instructor at Ocee Library for the past five years and volunteers for a group of residents at Benton Hall Senior Living.

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