Artist Bob Ichter holds painting demonstration in Roswell



ROSWELL, Ga. — On Sept. 6, Bob Ichter will be joining the Taylor Kinzel Gallery for a live painting demonstration.

Ichter, whose work is in galleries across the country, will be doing a three-hour demonstration where he will discuss his creative process as well as allow artists and patrons to watch his techniques.

A commissioned piece of Ichter’s work is also featured in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Atlanta.

“I love painting, but I also love painting in front of groups of people,” said Ichter.

He tries to travel to galleries for demonstrations as much as possible.

“Other artists want to come see how I’m getting these results, or how I’m using these materials,” he said.

Artists are curious about Ichter’s medium: pastel on suede.

“It’s a really unusual medium to work with,” said Mary Means, co-founder of the Taylor Kinzel Gallery, 16 Elizabeth Way in Roswell.

The paintings, mostly landscapes, have a touch of the surreal in them, thanks to the distinctive color choices found in the pastel on suede medium, which provide a sharp contrast between objects while still seeming soft.

“If you make a mistake, you can’t fix it. It’s a very unforgiving medium to work on,” Ichter said.

But it’s worth it, he says.

“It’s a very unforgiving substrate to paint on, but it also has a texture that is unlike anything else,” he said. “I think it really makes my work stand out.”

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