Armed robber goes home red-faced, not red-handed



ROSWELL, Ga. – If there is an evil twin to Barney Fife in the crime world then this must be the guy.

A would-be robber chose Jan. 16 to rob a resident of Barrington Farms off Old Alabama Road in Roswell. According to police, the victim was in her garage at home, unloading groceries and had made several trips.

When she returned to her car to carry in the last of the bags, she was accosted by a man was standing in her garage. He said he had a gun hidden in his pocket and demanded money.

The victim did not have cash on her, but tried to hand the man her ATM card, which fell to the floor.

“He went to pick it up and the gun fell out of his pocket and broke,” said Roswell Police Spokeswoman Lisa Holland.

The gun turned out to be made of plastic. The spell broken, the assailant turned and ran leaving the ATM card on the ground.

The suspect is described as white man in his early 20s, about 200 pounds and was wearing a hoodie with a scarf hiding his face.

“He may live in the neighborhood since he left on foot,” Holland said.

She urged residents to keep a look out, since he may try the ruse again.

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