Are You An Emotional Eater? No Worries! The Good News Is...



Contrary to what most people believe, emotional eating can be an enjoyable experience, depending on how you create it. I’ve always been one to look at things a bit differently than most people, and this particular topic shares space at the top of my list. I imagine I could define myself as an “emotional eater,” and acknowledge I have been one for most of my life. I personally don’t see it as such a negative thing. Many books on losing weight, eating addictions, etc, address “emotional eating,” which is a great thing, in one respect, but I prefer to view it differently than most. Like most things in life, we always have the choice to view things from a positive perspective, allowing it to enrich us in some way, even if it may seem impossible at first. Granted, there may be some exceptions, but that is up to each person to decide for themselves.

My clients remind me that I am part of a very small percentile of people when it comes to not only losing a significant amount of weight, but also sustaining my weight loss for 16+ years. Often asked, “what did I do, what’s my secret,” I respond that I have learned to pay attention to my feelings, honor them, feel them, and allow them to guide me in my journey of creating and enjoying abundant health, wholeness and well being.

Our feelings, our emotions can be powerful and transformative tools if we learn to work with them, rather than against them, helping us to achieve and sustain whatever goals we may have. This idea, this technique can be applied to various goals in our lives, and most certainly when it comes to creating a healthy, happy body in which to enjoy a fun and fulfilling life.

One of the greatest gifts that we can give to ourselves is the permission to be exactly where we are in any given moment, with room to feel our feelings, experience our “stuff,” with plenty of room to “move through” our experience, rather than deny it, dismiss it, discount it, or possibly engage in other default behaviors we are likely accustomed to.

If you spend a lot of time feeling guilty, beating yourself up, angry, frustrated, (you know what I mean) I am inviting you to consider making another choice. Feel the feeling, and then consciously choose another feeling. No kidding. If you don’t know how, you can learn, if you want to. Yes, I know we are creatures of habit, and boy oh boy, do we have habits. And that’s okay. Habits can be changed, when we decide we want to change them. It’s that simple. I’m not saying that it’s necessarily easy, but it is possible…more than possible.

And no, it’s not about will power. It’s more about free will (depending on the belief system you choose to embrace) which is essential in creating change and sustaining positive changes in your life.

So, even though you may be an emotional eater, the good news is you are always at choice about the foods you choose to eat, regardless of the emotion that you may be experiencing. I learned early on to associate food with any and all emotions that I had, simply because it was what I learned to do. Whether I was happy, sad, angry, depressed, upset, frustrated, lonely, bored, stressed, anxious, nervous, etc, I learned to associate food with any and all emotions, giving myself another reason; permission to eat whatever was available, simply because it was there. It didn’t take long to develop these unhealthy eating behaviors and lifestyle, which I existed in for 43 years.

I recently celebrated my 60th birthday with gratitude for the different choices I started making nearly 17 years ago. The most important choice that I made had nothing to do with food. I chose me. I decided that it was time to take care of myself, by learning to make choices that honored me. I was the only one who could make that choice, and that I was worth it. My life has never been the same.

I am, and will always be an “emotional eater,” but in the best of ways, that make me smile, and allow myself to be human, feel my feelings, and take comfort in knowing that even when I may not always make the best choice every time, that I am making wonderful, loving choices most of the time, one day at a time. And that is some really Good News!!

Celebrate You Every Day!! Choose YOU!!

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