Annual free dentistry event draws 200 patients



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — A dental practice provided $69,000 in free dental services to about 215 patients.

On June 28, Jones Bridge Dental Care, 11925 Jones Bridge Road, provided hundreds of patients — many who arrived a day early — with free treatment.

Dentist and owner Leo Yelizarov along with 11 other dentists and 71 volunteers provided over $69,000 in free dentistry for 215 patients.

“We don’t need to go too far to find people who are in desperate need of our services,” said Yelizarov.

Six years ago, Yelizarov started the event that has now helped about 1,000 patients and donated over $323,000 in dental work. Yelizarov said he hopes other dentists will volunteer and hold similar events.

“If we help those close to us, other people will do the same and our efforts will multiply,” Yelizarov said.

The next free dentistry day is anticipated to be in June 2015.

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