An update on Johns Creek Councilman Raffensperger

How the rookie has fared in his first six months of office



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Johns Creek Councilman Brad Raffensperger took office in January 2012 after successfully defeating Steve Broadbent in the December 2011 runoff election. He centralized his campaign on conservative budgets, low taxes, traffic improvements, public safety and a business-friendly environment. Six months later, we were curious to see how Raffensperger has fared thus far as a rookie on the Johns Creek City Council. We caught up with the freshman council member to ask him some questions about his experience.

JOHNS CREEK HERALD: What has been the most rewarding part of your first six months in office?

RAFFENSPERGER: This past spring, we voted to widen Jones Bridge Road from Sargent Road to Abbotts Bridge Road, and the work was completed shortly thereafter. That is highly rewarding. This was a very cost effective solution, and it will improve our citizens’ daily commute on this section of road. I look forward to working on further transportation improvements throughout our city.

Our citizens have extended tremendous kindness and well wishes to me, and I am grateful for their support. I will work hard to continue to earn their trust.

JCH: What was the most difficult or challenging part of your first six months?

RAFFENSPERGER: My fellow council members, mayor and city administration have been very supportive and informative. 

JCH: What has been the most exciting part of the job?

RAFFENSPERGER: Johns Creek has laid a foundation of solid budgeting. Our city has a budget surplus, which offers the opportunity to set aside money for future expenditures and to fund current needs.

Our citizens volunteer in a wide variety of diverse ways. For example, Leadership Johns Creek worked on providing walking trail improvements.

The business community is putting together a plan for economic growth and business development for our city. 

And I have had the privilege to meet with many of our high school students to discuss their political concerns and encourage them in the belief that they can make a difference.

JCH: What was the biggest surprise about the job (good or bad)?

RAFFENSPERGER: The best surprise is being able to read a privileged resolution to recognize one of our Eagle Scouts or one of our Johns Creek citizens who has been recognized for a notable achievement. 

It is humbling and rewarding when one of our Johns Creek Eagle Scouts is recognized. These young gentlemen have made remarkable contributions. One Eagle improved a mixed-use trail with a drainage ditch culvert with a construction cost of over $50,000. This improvement was made at no cost to our city, and it has brought a lasting benefit to our entire city. Another Eagle gathered over 7,400 books for donation for a library in Jamaica. Knowing that this tremendous leadership pipeline is percolating in America fills me with an optimistic vision for our nation.

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