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‘Schindler’s Escape to America during WWII’ Understanding the foundation of America



NORTH FULTON, Ga. – On Tuesday, April 22 at Alpharetta City Hall at 7 p.m., the American Heritage Society of Georgia will present another enlightening, historical and educational program for the communities of North Fulton, “Schindler’s Escape to America during WWII” as part of Understanding the Foundations of America series.

Special guest speaker is Rebecca Schindler and her husband Richard Schindler, longtime residents of Georgia. They have inspired groups in Georgia for decades with their story of determination against all odds to live the American Dream of freedom from the shackles of communism and socialism.

Rebecca is a former music teacher who loves educating and inspiring children of all ages on the rich heritage of America and the history of those that made the nation. Richard is 92 years old and retired several years ago as a regular player of tennis.

Richard grew up in Czechoslovakia. He tells of how his mother and sister turned him in to the Gestapo during the war and how his escape to the U.S. has been documented for all posterity. It is one program you do not want to miss.

Rebecca combines her knowledge of American history, her experiences as a teacher and Richard’s childhood experience as a Czechoslovakian to becoming an American citizen and attaining the American Dream to the strong similarities of what is happening in the Ukraine and Crimea today in this inspirational story of “Schindler’s Escape to America during WWII.”

Preserving the freedoms of the United States of America depends on raising a generation that understands true American heritage.

All American Heritage Society of Georgia’s programs, events and classes are open to the public. The American Heritage Society of Georgia meets every fourth Tuesday of each month at Alpharetta City Hall at 7 p.m. It is incorporated in the state of Georgia as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Its mission is to restore, preserve, renew and rebuild the true American heritage and patriotism, the ancient ruins of the “original melting pot” of cultures that created the strong foundation that made America “God’s Miracle that Changed the World,” by giving hope to others.

If you go:

“Schindler’s Escape to America during WWII”

7 p.m. April 22

Alpharetta City Hall, 2 South Main St., Alpharetta

RN 04-17-14

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