Alpharetta’s car break-in campaign earns prestigious award

The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety’s 'Your Car is Not a Safe' program recognized



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Alpharetta Police have long warned that, “Your Car is Not a Safe.”

Their car safety program implemented last year has earned a prestigious statewide award by the Georgia Association Chiefs of Police at its annual conference held in Savannah on July 23.

The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety’s “Your Car is Not a Safe” program was one of the 2012 award winners at the conference. This program uses three-dimensional graphics of a safe to inform residents that their car is not the place to leave valuables.

Specially marked police cars are placarded with magnetic signage and graphics.

They patrol through targeted areas, including parking lots of restaurants and businesses for maximum visibility at peak pedestrian times.

Alpharetta Public Safety also places vivid program banners at certain intersections during peak travel times. Because of this program, the number of reported cars broken into in the city of Alpharetta is down 23 percent.

Alpharetta Public Safety Director Gary D. George said the program’s creator, Alpharetta Police

Officer Terry Joyner, has really helped make an impact in the community.

“I commend our public safety staff for their excellent work, and I thank the public for their continued partnership with Alpharetta Public Safety,” George said.

The Dr. Curtis McClung/Motorola awards are given each year to law enforcement agencies who implement unique programs designed to address a problem within their communities or to offer a unique program designed to improve quality of life issues for their area.

Every year, each of the 2,500 Georgia law enforcement agencies is invited to submit program nominations to the GACP’s executive review board. After an exhaustive selection process, the top three programs within the state are selected. The selected law enforcement agencies attend the annual conference presentation dinner to receive their awards.

The winning agencies received an award and a $500 check from the Georgia Association Chiefs of Police. The money received will be used to continue the program implemented.

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