Alpharetta’s Swan Center for Plastic Surgery to be on TV



MILTON, Ga. – The Swan Center for Plastic Surgery, a cosmetic surgery center in Alpharetta, has been selected by producers How2Media to be featured on the show “World’s Greatest!...” as episode No. 189. The show will air Oct. 21 at 6 a.m. Eastern time – check local listings for the network. The episode will also be posted to the Swan Center for Plastic Surgery’s website after once it has been broadcasted.

“World’s Greatest!...” is a 30-minute show devoted to singling out the world’s greatest companies, places, people and products.

“The Swan Center has gained national and international recognition as a leading cosmetic surgery center,” said Gordon Freeman, executive producer of the show. “The surgeons are nationally known lecturers and educators on cosmetic surgery, more specifically, breast surgery, breast reconstruction and cosmetic surgery practice management. We can’t wait to meet these award-winning professionals, and we think their story will be meaningful as well as very educational to our viewers.”

Each episode of the show is a fast-paced tour of the world featuring behind-the-scenes footage, informative interviews and exciting visuals. As part of the show, How2Media will be sending a film crew to spend time at the offices of the Swan Center in Alpharetta to show the “World’s Greatest!...” viewers why the Swan Center was selected as the best in their category and therefore why they deserve to be featured on the show.

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