Alpharetta wants to 'Keep It Local'

Boost local businesses, shop, eat, play in city



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — The recent “Eat, Shop, Love, Enjoy and Play” banners all around Downtown Alpharetta are a result of the new Keep It Local campaign.

Local restaurants and businesses got a boost of support from the Alpharetta City Council and Alpharetta First, a sub-committee of the Alpharetta Business Association.

Alpharetta City Councilman Donald Mitchell fully supports the campaign and committee.

“The sole purpose of our committee is to boost businesses so they’re profitable and can stay in business and excel,” Mitchell said.

Using banners, posters and door decals given to every small business, the campaign seeks to encourage Alpharetta citizens to spend their dollars in Alpharetta by shopping in Alpharetta stores, eating in Alpharetta restaurants and playing at the numerous attractions and events that Alpharetta has to offer.

“Our local restaurants, boutiques and stores need and depend on local residents to keep the dollars in Alpharetta,” said Mitchell. “Especially during the summer months and low periods, it helps to support our local merchants and vendors immensely," Mitchell said.

Mitchell said if residents support Alpharetta, they will get something out of it too.

“The more merchants and restaurants we support, the more likely we are to get additional ones without sending our citizens to other cities to shop and dine,” Mitchell said.

The campaign’s goal is to draw attention to the needs of both large and small businesses. The dollars that are kept in Alpharetta will help restaurants and shops stay afloat and thrive throughout every season.

Janet Rodgers, president and CEO of the Alpharetta Convention and Visitors Bureau, also supports keeping Alpharetta local.

“The Keep it Local campaign is a fabulous campaign created by the city that local citizens and visitors can embrace,” Rodgers said. “We want our visitors to act like a local by shopping, eating, playing and then of course sleeping in Alpharetta.”

When residents see a banner, poster or decal, it should be a reminder for them to buy services and products locally so their city’s businesses can continue to thrive.

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